The music is a down home mixture of folk, Florida, swingish cowboy music ala Hank Williams or Asleep at the Wheel, and the cosmic country of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. Like Bob Willis music, many of the tunes have a hillbilly swing feel straight out of the thirties.

The songwriting, mostly by Hapi, is excellent, and Patty is an ace fiddler. The results are, above all, fun. The music is upbeat, loose and friendly, the kind of sound you might expect from a back porch band at an afternoon party in the woods or at a laid-back western saloon. Anyone who appreciates classic western will love the Crabgrass Cowboys.

(Clayton Dix, Country Music Review)
Guitarist McKenzie and violinist Pfister craft a down-home brand of country that Gram Parsons would be proud of. They infuse their (music) with a sense of good humor. Instead of crying in their beer on “You’re the Last One to Ever See Me Cry” they give it a galloping gait and include some slamming door noises for fun, while other songs such as “Enquiring Minds” have a decidedly lighter topic in mind. Lyrics such as “these arms are the binds that tie”, show the writers occasional smart way with words.

(Ken Hall)

Blending elements of country, country-swing, bluegrass and rockabilly, Hapi McKenzie’s good-natured wink-and-a-nod songwriting belies a deep understanding of the country tradition. Patty Pfister provides undestated, authentic fiddle and sympathetic vocals while the Crabgrass Cowboys deliver the wide musical palette asked for by Hapi’s eclectic approach. Truly hip country.

A Hapi Place At Home Or On The Road